We Run With Gangs (Gang Version)

by Teen Girl Scientist Monthly



These are the folks that made it possible. Well, most of them.

When we were funding Modern Dances, a whole buncha folks came forward to help. Some of them gave over $100 (!) to the effort, and so we called them "Our Gang" and wrote a goofy track about what Our Gang does.

You guys rock - thanks for the love! Hope you enjoy.


We got a fist full of dynamite, a mouth fulla fangs
We Run With Gangs! We Run With Gangs!
We got napalm blood so get out of our way
We Run With Gangs! We Run With Gangs!
You're in with the Teens
Or you're into the dirt
Everybody get down
And no body get hurt
Don't tell our Moms
They'd never look at us the same…
We run with gangs!

Rolling into class - on our skate boards
And all the teachers screaming - oh my Lord
Our feet up the desk - becuz we're bored
We don't do rules cuz we're too dang hard

Throwing parties - in the teacher's lounge
Drinking soda - and making out
Cherry bombing - the bathroom stalls
Ditching class to hang out at the mall

We ride rad dirt bikes with decal'd flames
We Run With Gangs! We Run With Gangs!
We just ran out of business cards, so remember the name
We Run With Gangs! We Run With Gangs!
Or it's DOA
Don't mess with us
Or we'll mess up your face
We break all the rules
Except we always look both ways
We run with gangs!

Stuart "Mad Dog" Hillman - oh man, I saw him eat an entire class of 5th graders once
Greg "the Snake" Adgate - the homework bandit!  he's never been caught
"Doc" Dawn Patrick - she jumped over three hobos on her bike after third period
Deb "the Boss" Gliva - i heard she nyquiled all those seagulls and hid them in the principles office!  
"Mean Lean" Tracie Baker - spitball sharp shooter!  she took out Mr Johanson's windshield!
Todd "the Bod" Rengel - strongest kid in class!  he wrestled a dog to the death I heard!
Rachel Routh and Andrew Lazarow - "the Terror Tandem" - they'll do you a favor - but it'll cost you
Guy "the Guy" Simmonds - the boy of a thousand faces.  Just don't get in his or you'll lose yours!
Ryan "Pretty Boy" Vlastelica - our inside guy at the paper - always finds a way to spin it our way.
Christopher Pena AKA "the Bruuuiser" - he never met a man he didn't like.. hurting
Sime "the Brain"  Viduka - didn't he rig the school elections?  Twice!
Nicholas "Tricky Nick" DiMichele - he runs the floating rock-paper-scissors game behind Mr. Sweeney's Auto Body Shop
Denise "the Beast" Gliva - cross her and you'll be drinking dinner through a straw!
 Angela "The Angle" McDermott - she's got the info you want, and she's got plenty on you too!
"Maraudin" Mary McNamara - Street tough with a heart of Gold
Masako Matsuura AKA "the Blade"- if you need the extra muscle you can hire her
"Cool" Joe Gliva - Never sweats a thing, totally unflappable - it's very disarming!
Kate "the connection" Collins - everyone owes her a favor, Class President, Principle, Lunch Lady
Stephen "Hot Dog" Berger - our driver - he's gotten us out of many a fine mess!

We've no respect - for authority
We're eating cookies - any time we please
Doesn't matter - if we brushed our teeth
We're too hard for cavities!

We're solving mysteries - the grown ups won't touch
Secret societies - and crooked cops
We cracked the case - of the Lost Town Funds
But the mayor won't admit it cuz we're too hot to touch

We got a mouth fulla of dynamite, a fist fulla fangs
We Run With Gangs!  We Run With Gangs!
We cooked a barbed wired brunch with quiche lorraine
We Run With Gangs!  We Run With Gangs!
Or it's DOA
Don't mess with us
Or we'll mess up your face
We break the rules
And we break for parades
Yeah you're in with the Teens
Or you're into the dirt
Everybody get down
And no body get hurt
But don't tell our Moms
They'd never look at us the same…
We run with gangs!


released January 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Teen Girl Scientist Monthly Brooklyn, New York

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly is a 6-piece rock group from Brooklyn. They sound like Ra Ra Riot and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah making out in the bathroom.



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